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Introducing The Superior New
HiFi Prosthetic Socket Interface

This New High-Fidelity Prosthetic Socket Interface
Eliminates Pain, Discomfort & Frustration.

“This HiFi Socket Interface is unlike
anything else you have ever tried.”

It Securely “LOCKS” Your Femur
Inside Your Prosthetic Socket
Improving Your Comfort, Balance, Posture and Control.

Conventional prosthetic sockets allow a femur
to move the soft tissue 
in the socket causing pain,
discomfort and frustration.

Limiting femur movement provides
these very very important benefits:

✔︎ Increased Function and Movement “With Greater Comfort”
Well Beyond Previous Boundaries

✔︎ More Intimate Soft Snug Fit
(Feels like it’s connected to you
instead of floating in the socket)

✔︎ Better Weight Tolerance
(Prosthesis is and feels lighter)

✔︎ More Range of Motion
(Connects to your body better)

✔︎ Lower Socket Brim
(Less pressure around the top of the socket)

✔︎ Become Much More Active and Involved
Without Added Effort

✔︎ Can Be Worn Much Longer

✔︎ Drastically Reduces Back Pain

✔︎ Overall Makes Life Easier

✔︎✔︎✔︎ You’ll Love Experiencing Your Pain-Free Secure Comfort!!

Don’t take our word for it, see and hear what Jessica Torppe
has to say about her new prosthetic leg made using this HiFi Prosthetic Socket System. Click Here Now

Being Measured for a HiFi Prosthetic Socket
Wire frame of HiFI Designed Prosthetic Socket
New HiFi Prosthetic Socket
HiFi Prosthetic Socket Fitting Perfectly

Ropp Orthopedic Clinic is Michigan’s only
Trained and Licensed 
HiFi Prosthetic Socket Provider.

“Call Ropp Clinic Now and Discover
How This New 
HiFi Prosthetic Socket
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